"Disappear" Performed live at Breakscene Studios.

We are in the middle of recording our newest album "Ashes" at Breakscene Studios. We haven't shared a lot of info on what our new album may sound like but.... we decided to give you a quick look with this LIVE video. This song is entitled "Disappear". Written by Cynthia Murray and Kyle Robert of Osiella. 

Here is a one of our favorite Chris Stapleton songs captured on our manager's cell phone. We feel it turned out pretty well. Please subscribe to our YOUTUBE channel. Keep up with us at http://www.osiella.com http://www.facebook.com/osiellamusic http://www.twitter.com/osiellamusic
DOWNLOAD THIS SONG FOR FREE: We are a National Touring band and love putting our own little twist on some other great songs out there. We hope you enjoy it! You can find our full length album " Year In Review " at our website or on Itunes and Google Play.